Come try all three of our different cheeses

Ely Artisanal Cheeses are handcrafted and aged to perfection.


    Smooth, creamy, hickory smoked


    Sweet, creamy, full, hinting at Parmigiano.
    NATIONAL AWARD‐WINNER! American Cheese Society


    Mild, smooth, Colby‐style

Our Cheese‐making Process

 We start with pure raw Jersey cow’s milk, which creates a rich tasting cheese.

  • The milk is emptied into our stainless steel cheese vat.

  • After following precise time & temperature guidelines, cultureand rennet are added to the milk.

  • culture and rennet being added to the milk.

  • At just the right moment we
    cut the curds with a special comb.

  • The curds and whey are stirred again, then the whey (leftover milk) is drained from the curds. Then the curds are placed into cheese forms.

  •  putting together cheese forms

  • The wheels are pressed overnight and the forms are then removed.

  • Finally, the cheeses are bathed in a salt brine, then placed into the cheese aging room where the special cultures begin their work. All our cheeses are aged over 60 days before being sold in our store.